Personal attention - We're all yours! You have our full attention. We are here to observe, assist and, if necessary, correct as needed.

No thinking - The trainer leads you through the entire workout. There is no thinking involved. They tell you what to do, and how to do it. BAM! Easy button. 

Adherence - sticking with well-intentioned plans is one of the biggest challenges exercisers face. Refresh Fitness will provide motivation for developing a lifestyle that places a high priority on health and activity. A personal trainer can help you brainstorm ways to overcome your biggest obstacles to exercise.

Focus on your health concerns - We can work with your physician, physical therapist or other health care provider to plan a safe, efficient program that will speed your recovery or enable you to reach your health goals. 

Find the right way to workout - You will learn the correct way to use equipment, and appropriate form and technique for cardiovascular work and free-weight training. 

Variety –  Every day is not the same. Your program is planned out ahead of time, but there is constant variety within it.

Motivation – Everyone needs motivation. Getting to the gym is hard enough, let alone coming up with your own workout, and be motivated to do it. Personal trainers wear many hats, serving not only as coach, but as an educator, confidant, role model and a major source of motivation and encouragement as well.

Support – It's a fact-feeling good makes you look good, and vice versa. Not only will we help you achieve your health and fitness goals, we will provide you with positive feedback on your performance and bolster your confidence to take on new challenges. Do you find it difficult to stick to your program? Scheduling regular appointments with us helps eliminate any excuses you might come up with for not exercising.

Fun – Yes, fun.  I'm fun. You're fun. The right exercise program can definitely be fun.

Results – When you stick with a well constructed program, you will get the results.

Benefits of One on One Training:





The benefits of working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. In fact, the benefits of personal training has proved so effective that it has spread well beyond people of all fitness, age and economic levels--and from all over the world--to help make lifestyle changes those people could not achieve by themselves. Refresh Fitness we understand  hectic lifestyles. We know  you don't have time to waste on ineffective exercise routines. We will help you maximize your time by providing workouts designed to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.

Your customized training session includes: 
1. Free initial one hour consultation
2. Fitness testing & assessment
                    a. Measurements
                    b. Before & After pictures

                    c. Weigh in
3. Individualized workout program
4. Workout Log
5. Accountability

6. Education
7. Goal Setting
8. Support
9. Add On Option: Nutrition coaching & guidance